Hi, I'm Ethan

An aspiring cybersecurity consultant

An expert is a man who knows just that much more about
his subject than his associate. Most of us are nearer the
top than we think. We fail to realize how easy it is.
How necessary it is to learn that fraction more
- William Hutchins

Currently working for  MWRCybersec

Companies  I've worked with

Wildcats Mineland Network MWRCybersec

About Me



I am a passionate Cybersecurity and all around Tech enthusiast, with well rounded foundational level knowledge into all spans of Information Technology.

I love solving problems and I enjoy working and solving numerical based problems. 

I have dabbled in all spans and walks of IT but the software development and Cybersecurity struck me and I stuck to it, learning my first programming language at 12 and completing my first CTF at 14 on PicoCTF.


In my spare time I like to read various books relating to abstract topics in the software development and cybersecurity world.

I enjoy working on mini programming projects that I can use to automate and to make home life a lot easier like my Remote Administration Tool I made for systems in my house for easy access to troubleshoot.

I enjoy completing CTF's a lot and I try to do every seasonal CTF event that I can find like the Advent of Cyber offered on TryHackMe.